Poems Niederngasse Issue 84 - January 2008

Kit Kennedy
Recognizing the Taste of Honey

unlike a hurricane
nevertheless in eye of sunset
embers glow & die

a woman’s lips nothing less
ship & portal
you have gone too far into night
for a taxi to get you home

Kit Kennedy’s work appears in Arsenic Lobster, Bayou, Bombay Gin, Clara Venus, The Comstock Review, Erosha, FriGG, The Hiss Quarterly, Mannequin Envy, Noon, Pearl, Poetry Super Highway, Right Hand Pointing, Runes, Saranac Review, Snow Monkey, Triplopia, Van Gogh’s Ear,  and The Wild Goose Poetry Review. She hosts the monthly All Poets Welcome Reading Series in San Francisco. email:  kit.kennedy@yahoo.com