Poems Niederngasse Issue 84 - January 2008

Barbara De Franceschi
Just a Routine Procedure

I hold the image of a needle
sliding into my skin.
Anaesthesia whittles away.
I anchor my memoirs
lie quiet in passing centuries
count backwards the number of times
I have died alone in this hospital.
At melting speed the thaw begins.
I walk down the corridor
leave my death for the cleaners again.

Barbara De Franceschi OAM is an Australian poet who lives in Broken Hill, a small mining town in outback Australia. Married, with five grown children, Barbara devotes her time to family, writing and community involvement. Her works have appeared in literary journals and anthologies Australia wide, on-line USA and Switzerland.  Barbara is a member of a performance poetry group and performs at special functions, arts festivals etc. During 'National Poetry Week' in 2006 her work was featured on Radio National and she has read her work live to air on ABC radio. June 2007 Barbara will feature on-line in the Thylazine Foundation's 'Australian Poets at Work Series' with an insightful interview and some featured poems. Barbara's first collection Lavender Blood was published in 2004; the manuscript for a second collection is being compiled for publication.  email:  seraph10@bigpond.com