Poems Niederngasse

Who's To Blame For All This?
Poems Niederngasse is based in Zürich, Switzerland, and originated as a small English language print magazine in 1996.  In August 1998 PNG began its online presence with no other purpose than to give one more opportunity for poets to be heard.

Pasquale Capocasa
Chuck Levenstein

Special thanks to the following talented people (all past contributing editors) for their help and encouragement.

Arlene Ang
Amy Unsworth
Annette Marie Hyder
Carlo Capocasa
Daniele Pantano

Pasquale Capocasa

Publisher and Responsible Editor

A former pottter from Minnesota now living in Switzerland and enjoying a somewhat forgetful lifestyle.

Chuck Levenstein
Contributing Editor
Poems of WWIII

is a
 retired professor.  He has published poems widely on the internet.  His first collection of poems, Lost Baggage, was published by Loom Press.  His most recent non-fiction book is The Cotton Dust Papers (with G. DeLaurier and M.L. Dunn.

Oil painting by Oki