Poems Niederngasse Issue 84 - January 2008

Levi Wagenmaker

looking up from the sheet op paper
from which she'd read the lines
she attributed to me but
which I hadn't written
she wanted to know the meaning
of the words she'd read
and which I had not written
but if I had that could not have
made them any more meaningful
she confessed herself confused
she was imagining things said I
and she protested that she could not be
since I was imagining her
and true enough I was
making her up from scraps of memory
relating to different persons at different times
la amalgamata
a creature from that book by Borges
in my book
confusion is a kind of fusion
between what is imperfectly understood
and what is wholly incomprehensible
because I had loved all those
who in part made up her constituent parts
I loved all of her and wanted
to make love to her
in many and imaginative ways
rather than write these lines
and so I didn't
(write these lines that is)

Levi Wagenmaker: born in 1944, a retired journalist, resident in the Netherlands. Other poems have been published on the web and in print magazines, in (among others, and most recently) Poems Niederngasse.  email: salman@xs4all.nl.