Poems Niederngasse Issue 84 - January 2008

Nic Sebastian
The Water Carriers

Samuel rails at his clay jar
his thirst, at those who live
with faucets, he drags his jar
behind him

though sweetly painted
in ochres and
olives, its heaviness
fills his thoughts
his hands, impedes his
progress and sometimes
the jar breaks

Leah’s unpainted jar
is heavier but she comes to it
singing, she upswings
the water-weight onto
her head

it drives into
her uprightness

and Samuel could not contemplate
its driving, but Leah

the water-fetcher is a ribbon
of grace, she walks
curvingly, her hands are free
for her life, Leah is busy
with life

Nic Sebastian hails from Arlington, Virginia and travels widely. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in publications such as Lily, The Adroitly Placed Word, River Walk Journal, Mannequin Envy, Blue Fifth Review, Avatar Review and others. She has two sons. Visit her blog at Very Like A Whale.  email: nic_sebastian@hotmail.com