Poems Niederngasse Issue 84 - January 2008

Peter Schwartz
[message to] the fluent chameleons

we are, all of us
fluent chameleons
practicing our body
language under a
mercenary sun

drunk and hapless
behind the curtains
of another life we
seek a power greater
than color

we are told at the
equinox there will be
fireworks and rooftops
but the invitation is a
little hole in the
worst part

of ownership
where our shoulders
either wear shoes
or send sleep like
a postcard to a

long lost reservoir
where nobody is
making coffee for
the dead and the
living are getting

angry like cameras
whose colors lurk
outside the very idea
of colors; we are

all of us fluent
beyond syllables painting
mostly mercenary suns
because the last shade
on the palette is

simply within.

Peter Schwartz's writing and art appear extensivlely all over the internet. Google his name for a comphehensive listing of work. email:  pupil@watchtheeye.com