Poems Niederngasse Issue 84 - January 2008

Julie Kovacs
Penguins Mingling Up North
We were sitting by the pool in the shade
of the palm trees when
a group of penguins made their way
across the diving board at the deep end
of the Olympic sized pool
executing arm stand  back double somersaults
in perfect succession
forming a chrysanthemum shape
on the surface of the water
conversing with each other
the lush tropical weather just north of the border
and debating whether to buy a mansion
north of the city limits
or just reside in the pool's bathhouse
for the season
while their home at the bottom of the globe
underwent major restoration by
contractors who couldn't get work
stateside and had to go south
far south to get a job that would
feed their hungry families
so they would no longer have to stand
on broken brick meridians
holding cardboard signs with the words
"Anything Helps God Bless"
written on them
since the penguins already held the monopoly
in that market and no
one wanted to tangle with
a group of birds who could
dive and perform water ballet
better than their Olympic competitors.

Julie Kovacs:  I am a resident of Tucson, Arizona and I am an aspiring poet. Recently published poems in Falling Star, Children, Churches and Daddies, The Flask Review, Morsel(s), and Because We Write.   email: daryavaush@yahoo.com