Poems Niederngasse Issue 84 - January 2008

Andrew Dugas
hundred-watt glare

nothing from dinner

remains. long white candles
blown-out and smoking,
her anger curdling the air.
fine crystal wine glasses
smeared with greasy fingerprints.
crumbs on the tablecloth
thrown into relief
by the hundred-watt glare.

nothing remains,
brown bones on white china
attracting flies.

Andrew Dugas: My work has previously appeared in Unlikely Stories 2.0, edifice WRECKED, Loafer's magazine, Bear Creek Haiku, Cokefish, Minotaur, Misnomer, Enterzone and various places online. In August 2007, I was a featured reader at Opium Magazine's Literary Death Match in San Francisco.  email: andy@coyotebreath.com